The love for children was what motivated the Director of Misam Schools Elder Michael Eweje to establish Misam Schools. The Primary School at Meiran and Misam College at Ajasa, both in Lagos were established in 2008. Misam School Mowe, both Primary and College were established in 2011. All our schools are duly approved by the government of the State in which they are situated. Misam Primary School was approved by the Lagos State Government on 13th October, 2009 while the College was approved on 24th December 2010. Mowe schools were approved by the Ogun State Government in 2017.

Not only that, our schools are recognized by the two major examination bodies in the country. Misam College was approved by both WAEC and NECO in 2010 while Misam College Mowe was approved in 2017. We have been writing both examinations since then in all our schools.

We also have qualified, experienced and seasoned teachers who know their onions. We also organize seminars for them in –house and as well send them for seminar and trainings outside.



We also have all the facilities standard school should have, which are:

  • Conducive/Aesthetic Classroom
  • Magnificent Building
  • Well Equipped Science Laboratories
  • Well Stocked Library
  • Creative Fine Art Studio
  • Standard Information/Communicate Tech (ICT) Studio
  • Introductory Technology Workshop
  • Entrepreneurial /Vocational Classes
  • Diction: Speech Room
  • Music Room
  • Well Equipped Hostels
  • Safe/Affordable Transportation Services


We thank God that since the inception of the school, we have been progressing to the glory of God.