Misam is blessed with the state of the art facilities which enable students to develop skills which will benefit them in the future. The available facilities include:

  1. Equipped playground
  2. Conducive classrooms
  • Practical laboratories i.e Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer.
  1. Library facility
  2. Transport facility
  3. College Hostel
  • Food Canteen, etc



Misam’s sickbay is well equipped in a calm and quiet environment which ensures that the wards (Student/Pupils) are treated without interruption. The sickbay seeks to cater for students who fall ill while in school or those who suffer from minor injuries in which first aid treatment can be administered by a nurse who is ready on ground.

Items available in the sickbay includes

  1. Comfortable beds
  2. First aid kits
  • Necessary drugs/Medications



The schools hostel is a place like no other. It is home away from home with the Matron serving as the student parent/guardian. There are hostels for boys and girls respectively with each room accommodating about six (6) students with wardrobes and fan.

Due to its location, the hostel is secured with a guard on ground and an assistant housemaster and Mistress to handle the students. The hostel is equipped with a dining hall where students are expected to assemble in the morning, afternoon and evening for food with a cook on standby to prepare delicious meals. Students are subject to discipline and hostel rules/regulations which must be adhered to.

Students are taught the value of peaceful co – existence, craft learning and the need to depend on God. There is adequate time for rest, learning and engaging in extra – curricular activities which make the hostel a fun to be in. We provide the best care possible for our students.